Technology Acceptable Use Policy

Policy Number
Board of Trustees
Date Approved
Effective Date
Responsible Division
Finance and Administrative Services

The purpose of Carteret Community College’s (CCC) technological resources is to enhance and support the educational mission of the college. All students, faculty, staff and public patrons are responsible for using CCC’s technological resources in an effective, ethical and lawful manner. These resources include but are not limited to computers, computer networks and telecommunications, multimedia and hyper media, camcorders and media players, instructional television and video microscopes, telephones and voice mail. 

Acceptable Use 

  • Use related to administrative and other support activities considered consistent with the mission of Carteret Community College. 
  • Use for purposes of, or in support of, education and research. 
  • Use consistent with the Acceptable Use Policies (AUP) for the North Carolina Research and Information Network (NCREN), the North Carolina Integrated Information Network (NCIN), and the National Science Foundation Network (NSFN). Copies of the AUPs for these organizations are available on each organization’s web site. 

Unacceptable Use 

  • Use of CCC technological resources that violates federal, state or local laws or statutes, or College policy. 
  • Use of CCC technological resources which provides or assists in gaining unauthorized or inappropriate access to systems, software or data at CCC and or other sites. 
  • Use for activities that interfere with the ability of others to use CCC’s technological resources effectively. 
  • Use for activities that result in the loss of another person’s work or unauthorized access to another person’s work. 
  • Use for distribution of obscene, abusive or threatening messages via electronic mail or other means. 
  • Use for distribution of chain letters or broadcasting to lists of individuals in such a manner that might cause congestion on the network. 
  • Use of CCC technological resources for commercial use or for profit-making enterprises except as specifically approved by the President. 
  • Use inconsistent with the Acceptable Use Policies of NCREN, NCIN and NSFN. 


Violations of this policy could result in a reduction of access to CCC’s technological resources or with complete denial of access to CCC’s technological resources. Violators may be brought to the attention of CCC officials who may take legal action. Action taken by CCC does not preclude the possibility of legal action taken by others.