Promotion/Transfer Policy

Policy Number
Board of Trustees
Date Approved
Effective Date
Responsible Division
Human Resources
1C SBCCC 900.94(a)(20)

The College is committed to hiring the most qualified employees available to meet stated  purposes. Promotions and transfers provide employees opportunity for growth while providing  the College with a method of filling positions with experienced personnel. It is the policy of the  College to give consideration to internal candidates as promotional or transfer opportunities  when desired and appropriate to business needs. 

Nothing in this policy supersedes the College’s Equal Opportunity Policy or the  Application/Hiring Policy. The College remains committed to ensure that available positions  are filled based on experience and qualifications necessary to perform the available work.


The College administration is responsible for providing opportunities for career advancement for  full-time employees while also ensuring that Carteret Community College hires the best people.  Therefore, promotions and transfers are administrative decisions and can be accomplished in  one of the following ways: 


A Cabinet level administrator, with permission of the President, and in consultation with the  Director of Human Resources, may reorganize reporting lines, reassign duties and tasks and  change position titles in order to create greater effectiveness or efficiency. 


A Cabinet level administrator, in consultation with the Director of Human Resources and with  permission of the President, may transfer an employee from one position to another to protect a  person’s employment, to better utilize a person’s abilities or skills, or to achieve greater  effectiveness or efficiency. 

Promotion for Staff, Non-Faculty Positions 

Before the College recruits from outside the College to fill the vacancy of a full-time permanent  staff position, the Director of Human Resources will announce the vacancy at a Carteret  Community College Employee Meeting and/or issue an email to all faculty and staff.  Applications to fill the position with an internal candidate will be entertained before the vacancy  is announced to the general public. Anyone who is on the College payroll at the time of the staff  opening can apply including adjuncts and temporaries. The College is under no obligation to fill  the position from internal applications. Selection of an internal applicant will depend solely upon  the judgment of the supervisor responsible for filling the vacant position and the Director of  Human Resources. (This procedure was recommended by the General Staff Team in January  2002)

Application for a position opening shall be made in a written statement to the Director of Human  Resources. The Director of Human Resources will be responsible for assuring that an internal  applicant meets the basic requirements of the position or will be responsible for specifying those  requirements upon which a conditional promotion may be made. If a conditional promotion is  made, a contract must be executed between the College and the full-time employee specifying  the conditions the employee must meet in order to retain the position and the time frames within  which the conditions must be met. 

For Faculty Positions and for Recruiting Outside 

Full-time permanent faculty positions are advertised internally and externally