Employee Performance Evaluation Policy

Policy Number
Board of Trustees
Date Approved
Effective Date
Responsible Division
Human Resources
1C SBCCC 200.94

Performance assessments shall be conducted for all permanent faculty and staff by the end of each fiscal year.  Assessment instruments and procedures are to be approved by the President of the College.



The College’s Annual Performance Management Process involves quarterly meetings between employees and supervisors.  The Performance Management Quarterly Form is provided to document these conversations.  We recognize that the College’s mission is best accomplished through the efforts of our dedicated employees.  We believe that employees want to perform meaningful work that contributes to the mission of our institution.  To accomplish this, employees need both regular feedback on their work and opportunities to share their own insights and barriers to good work.  Through two-way communication we can better ensure that employees are aware of situational changes that could result in shifts of effort and priority.

General Process:

  1. The process calls for 4 conversations each fiscal year using the “Annual Performance Management Form” to guide and document the conversation.  Generally, meetings shall take place by the end of September, December, March and June each year.  There is some flexibility in this schedule so long as 4 conversations take place each year, spaced out enough to be meaningful.  For example, December is a short month for faculty and is usually busy wrapping up the semester and submitting grades, therefore, it is possible that the December meeting could actually take place the first week in January during the week before the start of the spring semester.  Additionally, all four meetings must be completed in time enough to secure all appropriate signatures and submit the completed form to HR by June 30th each year. 
  2. The form does not need to be submitted to HR each quarter.  You should keep the form on hand to use for each subsequent quarter until the end of the fiscal year.
  3. Once the 4th quarter review is completed, original signed forms should be submitted to the HR Office for inclusion in the employee’s personnel file.  All forms completed with appropriate signatures up through the departmental vice president are due to HR by June 30th each year.

Form Guide

The “Annual Performance Management Form” contains two parts:  1/Goals & 2/Questions.  Each part shall be discussed and recorded during quarterly meetings between supervisor and employee. 

Once the meeting is complete and the quarterly section of the form is completed, both the employee and supervisor should sign the form at the bottom of the current quarter column for each part of the form.  


  1. By July 1st each year the employee and supervisor should establish goals and/or work projects to guide employee work effort for the quarter or year, as appropriate for the employee and business needs.  While the form has space for up to 7 goals, use as many or as few spaces as needed to ensure meaningful work that contributes to institutional success within the employee role.  In the event the process does not start by July 1st, goals & projects should be established as soon as possible after the employee starts to work either as a new hire or in a new role.
  2. Each quarter, the employee and supervisor will meet to review the list of goals and projects and record progress and status of each in the appropriate quarterly column on the form.
  3. As goals and projects are completed, or need to be discontinued due to changing business needs, indicate that in the appropriate quarter on the form, leaving remaining quarters blank.
  4. As new goals are added, indicate in the quarterly review column when they are added, then review as appropriate for the remaining quarters.  For example, if during the September meeting it is determined that a new project needs to be assigned, record the new goal or project in the next available line and indicate in the 1st quarter column that the goal or project was added as of the date noted.
  5. Once all active goals or projects are reviewed, with status recorded, both the employee and supervisor will sign at the bottom of the quarterly column.   


  1. Each quarter employees and their supervisor are to review each of the 6 questions on page two of the form, recording a summary of the key findings in the appropriate quarterly column.
    • Question 1: How did your work this quarter align with the College’s mission statement?  Note ways the employee’s work has either directly or indirectly aligned with the College’s mission statement.  Note that the mission statement is included on the bottom of each page of the form.   For example, a maintenance employee might have worked to repair flooring in a building, which allows the space to continue to be safe and available for use in instruction, which contributes to the educational opportunities available at the College.  Or, a business office employee helped a student get their account sorted out by recording sponsorship payments, thus providing access to education for that student.
    • Question 2: What did you do well this quarter?  Gives the employee the opportunity to share accomplishments, while also allowing the supervisor to acknowledge the success and/or list others the employee may have forgotten.
    • Question 3:  What could you have done better this quarter?  This will give the employee and/or the supervisor an opportunity to discuss things that are getting in the way of success.
    • Question 4:  What have you done towards bonus eligibility requirements this quarter?  This will serve as a constant reminder about the bonus eligibility requirements and serve as a good way to record progress, instead of waiting until the end of the year.  Also, if an item is not recorded in the official record, there will be a documented place for an employee to easily recall and report the missing information during the corrections period before bonus eligibility is finalized each fall for the previous year.
    • Question 5: Employee:  Are there any crucial conversations you need to have with your supervisor?   This gives the employee an opportunity to discuss concerns or questions they may have for their supervisor or to ask for resources needed to perform current or upcoming duties.
    • Question 6:  Supervisor:  Other comments, issues, concerns or crucial conversations you need to have?  This gives the supervisor an opportunity to bring up things that may not have fit into other questions.
  2. Once all questions have been covered and information documented in summary on the form in the appropriate quarterly column, the employee and supervisor should sign in the space provided at the bottom of the column.

All completed forms, including signatures up through the departmental vice president, are due to the HR office by June 30th each year