Withdrawal Grade Policy

Policy Number
Board of Trustees
Date Approved
Effective Date
Responsible Division
Instruction and Student Support

Carteret Community College endeavors to support student success and retention through a myriad of wrap-around services. However, the College also recognizes that unexpected circumstances may arise that impede a student’s ability to remain enrolled as originally intended. Therefore, the Board of Trustees entrusts the President and the Instruction and Student Services administrators and faculty to construct procedures for course withdrawal that align with the System Office regulations and support the College’s mission to support high quality education and an inclusive learning environment. These procedures shall also be aligned with the goals of educating students about the consequences of withdrawal and creating opportunities for re-entry into lifelong education.

Courses officially dropped by the student before the 10 percent date of the semester will not appear on the student’s transcript and no grade will be assigned.

Student-initiated course or program withdrawals after the 10 percent date of the semester, but prior to the 61 percent point of the semester will be issued a course grade of WD (Official Withdrawal). The WD grade is non-punitive and does not affect the student’s grade point average.

Instructor-initiated course or program withdrawals after the 10 percent date of the semester due to a violation of the attendance policy will earn a course grade of UW (Unofficial Withdrawal). The UW grade is punitive and is factored into the grade point average as a grade of F.

A student officially withdrawing from a course or program after the Last Day to Withdraw Without Academic Penalty will be issued the course grade earned reduced by the work missed in the remainder of the class, which in most cases will be an F.


Students desiring to withdraw from a course during the semester must withdraw officially through the Student Services Office. Official withdrawal procedures are as follows:

  1. Secure and complete the Drop/Add/Withdrawal form above. If the form is initiated before the 10 percent date of the semester, the student is eligible for tuition credit. Forms are available from advisors, the Registrar Office, the MAPS Center, or online under the forms section of the "Office of the Registrar" website.
  2. Complete the form including personal information and identifying course information.
  3. For seated courses, have the instructor provide the last date of attendance.
  4. Return the form to the Registrar Office or registrar@carteret.edu for processing.
  5. The Registrar will notify students and individual instructors of course or program withdrawal.