Use of Facilities Policy

Policy Number
Board of Trustees
Date Approved
Effective Date
Responsible Division
Plant Operations

The Board of Trustees of Carteret Community College grants authority to the President to permit the use of college facilities by external organizations for certain community, cultural, economic development, or educational purposes. The property shall not be used for purposes inconsistent with the legal and necessary functions of the College or for purposes opposed to policies of the College. College facilities may not be used by external organizations for political fundraising or religious services.


Individuals and/or Organizations must submit an Application for Use of College Facilities as outlined in the Facilities Rental Manual.

The President has final authority to approve the request, but may delegate this authority to the appropriate administrative officers.

The College will retain the right to cancel approval of any request in the event college personnel discover the request is not made in good faith or in the event the facilities requested are needed for college activities or functions. In addition, the College will retain the right to deny a request which could, in the view of the President, negatively impact the College or the College’s reputation.