Textbook and Supply Adoption Policy

Policy Number
Date Approved
Effective Date
Responsible Division
Instruction and Student Support

In an effort to make learning and the attainment of postsecondary credentials accessible to all students, Carteret Community College carefully considers the textbooks, supplies, and course materials it requires students to purchase for College classes.  It is the responsibility of faculty, with the supervision and guidance of their chairs, deans, and directors to select the instructional materials that will adequately support the learning outcomes of their courses and to weigh the costs and benefits of materials required for course participation.  Faculty are encouraged to use Open Educational Resources or other low-cost options when the quality and rigor of those resources is acceptable. The primary text shall be consistent for all seated, web-assisted, and hybrid sections of a curriculum course.  Distance learning titles may vary. A minimum three-year adoption period is highly encouraged except in technical texts which must contain the most current advances in the field of study.

  1. Course instructors submit their textbook requests to the appropriate program chair/director.  Texts will be designated either “required” or “supplemental.”
  2. Program chair/director will submit textbook order requests via the intranet database managed by the CCC Bookstore within deadlines set by the Bookstore
  3. The Bookstore will notify the requesting chair/director immediately of any change in or to the textbook requested, e.g. new edition or ISBN number.  Any change to the requested text must be approved by the chair/director before an order is placed.
  4. The Bookstore orders the number of requested textbooks based on several factors which include, but are not necessarily limited to:
    1. The number of books sold during the last semester the course was offered.
    2. Number of students registered for the course according to available registration data. 
    3. Pertinent information furnished by the chair/director/instructor, i.e. limited enrollment, availability of used textbooks within a cohort of students, etc. 
  5. The Bookstore shall attempt to locate and order used textbooks from at least four used book companies.
  6. All requested textbooks shall be available for student purchase at least two weeks prior to the first day of class, absent unforeseen circumstances such as unavailability from the publisher or alternative agreement with the requesting chair.
  7. The Bookstore shall post the following information on the College website at least two weeks prior to the first day of class.
    1. Course title and number as found in the Combined Course Library
    2. Title, edition, and author of textbook
    3. Publisher of textbook
    4. ISBN of textbook
    5. Cost of textbook

Instructors shall obtain desk copies of adopted textbooks through their division’s administrative assistant prior to the first day of the instructor’s class.  If a complimentary desk copy cannot be obtained, a requisition must be prepared, submitted, and approved to complete the purchase of a desk copy.  The purchase of the desk copy shall be charged to the appropriate line item of the program’s or division’s other cost budget.