State Residency Policy

Policy Number
Board of Trustees
Date Approved
Effective Date
Responsible Division
Instruction and Student Support
N.C. Gen. Stat. § 116- 143.1; Session Law 2015-241

N.C. Gen. Stat. § 116-143.1 sets forth specific standards for determining residency for the purpose of charging in-state or out-of-state tuition.  Session Law 2015-241 authorized the State Education Assistance Authority to perform all functions necessary to implement a coordinated and centralized process to apply the criteria in N.C. Gen. Stat. § 116-143.1 and directed the North Carolina Community College System to comply with an orderly transition from campus-based residency determination to the coordinated, centralized process.  

To abide by the residency laws of the State of North Carolina, Carteret Community College directs all students to the North Carolina Residency Determination Service (RDS) and charges students based on RDS findings.  Students who wish to appeal the RDS finding must do so through the State Education Assistance Authority process. 


Carteret Community College does not determine the resident status of students. Resident status is determined by a centralized process known as the Residency Determination Service (RDS). In order for a student to receive the benefits of in-state tuition and/or State student aid a residency determination from RDS is required. To complete a determination, go to The student’s CFNC username and password should be used to login to the RDS portal. Review the RDS Guidebook for qualifications to be considered an in-state resident. The RDS Guidebook also outlines the process to appeal a determination as an out-of-state resident.