Solicitation Policy

Policy Number
Board of Trustees
Date Approved
Effective Date
Responsible Division
Office of the President

Use of College property, including email, copiers, or computers for personal solicitation on the campus of Carteret Community College is strictly prohibited.  Solicitation for student clubs approved by the Student Government Association, Carteret Community College Foundation, Inc., academic program-related fundraisers, and College-related professional associations activities are exempted but must have an approved Solicitation Request Form on file at the President's Office.

Examples of activities which are not permissible are as follows:

  • Solicitation on behalf of non-employees who are in financial need.
  • Solicitation of donations for outside non-profit groups, unless specifically approved by the President, or the President’s designee via the College Solicitation Request Form (e.g. United Way, Relay for Life.)
  • Any form of solicitation that involves the sale of goods or services for profit.
  • Solicitation of support, whether monetary or not, for or against any political candidate, or for any party platform that could reasonably be construed as support for or against a particular candidate.

The College has a commitment to public service as part of its mission to “improv[e] the quality of life for all citizens of Carteret County and Eastern North Carolina.”  Therefore, this policy is not intended to prohibit employees from using email to communicate informational items about products or services that are of a clearly public-service nature.  For example, an employee who is on the Arts Council Board may communicate the date and time of “Art from the Heart.”  An employee who teaches or volunteers at the Station Club may inform others that clients of the Station Club will be making and selling candy bouquets the week of Valentine’s Day.

Solicitations from groups not affiliated with an employee actively engaged in a community service role with that group are prohibited.  Employees who are unsure whether a communication meets the test of “a clearly public-service nature” should refrain from using College email.

Use of consumable resources, such as copiers, printers, office supplies, for non-college related activities is prohibited.

Definition of Terms:

Solicitation: the act of asking for or trying to obtain something from someone.