Resignation Policy

Policy Number
Board of Trustees
Date Approved
Effective Date
Responsible Division
Human Resources

Carteret Community College requests any employee desiring to resign from employment submit a written notice to the President at least two weeks prior to the planned last day of actual work. Faculty are expected to finish their academic or training course work before resigning.  The President reserves the right to negotiate employment end date dependent upon the needs of the College. 

The College expects resigning employees to complete the College’s exit process prior to last day of work.  

  1. An employee wishing to resign employment at the College shall notify their immediate supervisor prior to sending the written letter to the President of the College. 
  2. The supervisor shall remind the employee to provide a minimum of fourteen days written notice to the President.  The letter should include a clear intention to resign, including the last day they plan to be on campus working, provisions for completing required work, and any request to use available leave, if appropriate and consistent with applicable policies.  Copies of the letter are to be sent to the immediate supervisor and the Director of Human Resources.   
  3. The resigning employee is responsible for completing the “HR Check-Out Form” within their last week of work on campus.  The form can be found in the “HR Forms” folder on the Human Resources SharePoint Site. 
  4. Upon receipt of the written resignation and notice of the President’s acceptance, Human Resources will notify all signatories on the “HR Check-out Form” via email of the resignation and to expect the employee to close out.