Recruitment/Application/Hiring Policy

Policy Number
Board of Trustees
Date Approved
Effective Date
Responsible Division
Human Resources

Carteret Community College is an equal employment opportunity employer that does not discriminate based on race, religion, color, national origin, sex, gender, age, or disability. It is the policy of Carteret Community College to identify and hire the most qualified and professional employees available to meet the institution’s needs. Procedures for filling all vacant permanent positions shall be established consistent with applicable laws and in conformity with the College’s Equal Employment Opportunity Policy to ensure fair and equitable treatment of applicants. As appropriate, the College will seek to afford advancement opportunities for current staff by establishing additional procedures for internal transfers and promotions.

The President shall have the authority to appoint such subordinate offices, agents, and employees as deemed necessary to carry out the purpose of the College.

The President, with input from appropriate members of the administrative staff, shall establish reasonable minimum standards as to character, qualifications, training, competence, and physical abilities necessary for satisfactory job performance. These standards will be developed in consideration of required standards such as those appropriate to Equal Employment Opportunity Policies and Laws; the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges and other applicable agency, local, state, and federal standards, regulations, and laws.


(in accordance with Section 2 (Personnel) of Policy & Procedure manual, revised 8/23/2019)

  1. Provide Position Action Form with all signatures to HR, together with a copy of the most current job description for the position to be advertised. a. How long do you want to post the job? b. Do you want jobs posted in “fee” based sites other than our Applicant Stack (to include thirdparty job boards) and NC Community Colleges website?
  2. Select Interview Team Members within these guidelines:
    1. The Interview Committee will be composed of three to five employees. Larger committees may be possible when approved by the appropriate Vice President.
    2. The Committee will consist of a broad-based representation with consideration of diversity.
    3. The hiring manager will recommend the members of the Committee to be approved by the Director of Human Resources and the appropriate Vice President.
  3. HR will provide a list of last used interview questions for the position to the hiring manager.
  4. HR, together with the hiring manager, will screen applicants and eliminate any who do not meet minimum qualifications. Committee members will then be given access to applicants for review.
  5. Hiring manager will schedule an appointment with the interview committee & HR rep. At that time:
    1. Committee members will have reviewed applicants in advance of the meeting and will come to the meeting prepared to offer their list of their top 5 candidates (in no particular order).
    2. Interview committee meets, discusses applicants, and selects applicants to call for an interview (as many as they feel they need to call). If faculty position, the hiring manager will review unofficial transcripts to confirm applicant can be credentialed, if hired.
    3. Interview committee reviews interview questions
    4. Hiring manager will provide a final list of interview questions to the appropriate VP and HR for approval.
  6. HR will schedule interviews, reserve room, and send calendar appointments to the interview team. It is imperative that each interview team member keep their Outlook calendar updated for efficiency in scheduling the interviews!
  7. Interviews held.
    1. Team selects up to 3 candidates to present to the president for review and possible 2nd interview.
  8. Packet
    1. Hiring Manager completes reference checks and reviews recommendation memos to be forwarded to them by HR.
  9. Once the recommendation package (folder) is ready, the hiring manager will pick it up from HR and take it to the appropriate VP for coordination with the president on the second interview.
  10. Job offer
    1. The president or their designee will extend a job offer to the applicant.
    2. The president or their designee will advise HR of the job offer terms, including salary and proposed start date.
    3. HR will prepare a job offer letter for the president’s signature
  11. Hired
    1. HR will email new hire forms to the applicant
    2. HR will input new hire in Colleague upon receipt of new hire forms
    3. HR will request email and login credentials from IT (cc hiring manager, supervisor)
    4. Hiring manager/supervisor will ready space, computer, phone for new hire
    5. HR will provide Supervisor New Hire Orientation checklist to supervisor
    6. HR will set an appointment with New Hire to meet in HR at 8:00 on their first day to complete I9 and HR/Benefit orientation (approximately 90 minutes).
    7. Supervisor conducts New Hire Orientation for their department (checklist)

If faculty position, official transcript required within 30 days of hire date.