Professional Development Policy

Policy Number
Board of Trustees
Date Approved
Responsible Division
Human Resources

Carteret Community College recognizes that educational quality is dependent upon the availability of qualified professional faculty, staff, and administrators. The essential responsibility for professional growth and development rests with each individual employee; however, the College encourages the involvement of all employees in appropriate professional growth activities. 

The College President will develop procedures to facilitate professional development of the College employees.


To promote personal and professional growth, the College provides opportunities for faculty, staff, and administrators to coordinate individual goals with supervisors and develop their own plan for professional development.  The College makes available several programs designed to help employees meet their goals.

  1. As part of the performance review each year, each employee discuss professional development with their supervisor. Annually, senior administrators review and approve proposals for funding of professional development activities.
  2. The professional development program may include:
    1. On-campus programs designed to help meet common goals of several individuals.
    2. Participation in relevant conferences, workshops, seminars, and teleconferences. 
    3. Study toward advanced college degree.

Each employee maintains a record of his/her professional development accomplishments and reviews them annually with the supervisor.  Supervisors submit monthly reports of employee professional development to Human Resources for institutional tracking. Review of the year’s activities is incorporated in the evaluation, planning, and budgeting for the next year.