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Welcome to Carteret Community College!

The pride, reputation and success the faculty and staff bring to this dynamic learning environment is evident by the ongoing student success of our graduates. The current and future facilities, reputation of the faculty and staff, and the leadership of the Board of Trustees are key qualities that create and enhance opportunities for Carteret Community College to build upon our rich tradition and past successes. It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Carteret Community College community.

Dr. Tracy Mancini We value, respect, and care for our employees, striving to make your work rewarding, satisfying and challenging while achieving high standards of excellence and quality. The Policy and Procedure Manual provides clarity to our purpose, mission and vision for employees as we expand the academic and collegial environments. We encourage employees to be innovative while being knowledgeable of College Policy and Procedures to understand the privileges, benefits and responsibilities of employees of Carteret Community College.

Since 1963, as an open-door institution, Carteret Community College has aligned our policies and procedures with State Board of Community College (SBCC) code, North Carolina Office of Human Resources (NCOHR) policy, and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) accrediting guidelines to aid in our work with diverse students, programs, and services. In accordance with SBCC, NCOHR, and SACSCOC, Carteret

Community College will revise, rescind, or supplement these policies and procedures to ensure the College operates efficiently and effectively. All policies and procedures are reviewed and approved by the College’s Board of Trustees as noted by the effective dates.

As an employee of Carteret Community College, you have joined our team as we carry forward the College’s excellent reputation within the North Carolina Community College System and far beyond its borders. Maintaining and enhancing student success is our focus as we comply with our regulatory agencies. As Carteret CC fulfills our vision to serve and empower our student and coastal community, we look to these policies and procedures to carry out that work with integrity, consistency, and fairness.

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Best Regards and Welcome,
Dr. Tracy Mancini President