Grants Procurement and Funding Policy

Policy Number
Board of Trustees
Date Approved
Effective Date
Responsible Division
College Advancement
N.C. Gen. Stat. §115D-58.1

Individuals seeking external funds in the forms of grants should begin by contacting the Grants Coordinator by completing the Grant Proposal Efficacy Assessment and Grant Application Approval Form (see CCC Intranet) with the required signatures of the appropriate Vice President before beginning an application or reapplication for such funds.

  1. It will be the responsibility of the appropriate Vice President:
    1. to ensure that the purpose of the grant does not conflict with any aspect of the College’s stated purpose;
    2. to ensure that the College can safeguard its right to control its own activities based on the regulations imposed by the funding agency;
    3. to ensure that general institutional activities are not endangered by the acquisition of the grant; and
    4. to ensure that the institution does not become dependent on grant funds to support its regular operating budget.
  2. College faculty and staff who wish to apply for external support for a program, activity, or project to be carried out under the guidance of the College should obtain approval for this grant application prior to submitting proposals. The individual should complete the Grant Proposal Efficacy Assessment and Grant Application Approval Form and forward a copy to the Grants Coordinator for review.
  3. Any applications for grants which contain salary requests—either for existing personnel, for employment beyond the contract period such as summer employment, or the hiring of new personnel—must be approved by the appropriate Vice President prior to submission to the funding agency.
  4. The administration will assist any employee seeking external funding following approval of the grant concept by the appropriate Vice President.
  5. Prior to submitting a proposal to the funding agency, a Grant Proposal Efficacy Assessment and Grant Proposal Approval Form (see CCC Intranet) should be completed and filed along with a final copy of the proposal with the Grants Coordinator.
  6. All fiscal accounting for the grant must be handled by the College’s existing accounting office using standard accounting practice and audited annually by the state of North Carolina. The College’s existing purchasing regulations must be followed for all supplies and equipment bought with grant funds.
  7. The grant recipient is responsible for any evaluation, follow-up, or continuation applications required by the funding agency. Any changes that occur in the plan of operation after the grant is funded should be made known to and approved by the appropriate Vice President and the CCC Foundation copied