Fund-Raising and Donations Policy

Policy Number
Board of Trustees
Date Approved
Effective Date
Responsible Division
N.C. Gen. Stat. §115D-20.9

Special events, which relate to fundraising will be planned and executed by the Carteret Community College Foundation Office (CCC Foundation Office).

Fundraising receipts, including tangible gifts, must be submitted to the CCC Foundation Office to ensure that proper acknowledgement is made to the donor and that appropriate records are maintained.

It is the policy of Carteret Community College and its Foundation to secure private gifts— whether in cash, securities, tangible or planned/estate gifts—that relate directly to the purpose of the College and assist the College in fulfilling its mission.  Gifts that do not relate directly to this purpose will not be accepted.  Gifts of tangible items must be approved by the CCC Foundation Office prior to acceptance to ensure that the gift does not require special IRS filings and/or donor communications. Donors are ultimately responsible for ensuring that any proposed gift furthers their charitable, financial, and estate planning goals, and are urged to seek the advice of their advisors.  The CCC Foundation Office and College staff do not offer legal, accounting, tax, or financial advice to donors or prospective donors.

Institutional fundraising will be the function of the CCC Foundation Office. Any fundraising activities which departments or divisions wish to undertake must follow the policies and procedures of the CCC Foundation and must be approved by the CCC Foundation Office or the President (or the president’s designee) to ensure that such activities relate directly to the purpose of the College and do not conflict with other fundraising activities or plans. Fund raising by student organizations is subject to the policies and procedures of the Student Government Association.

Special events which relate to fundraising will be planned and executed by the CCC Foundation Office.  Any conjunctional activity between the College and the Foundation, such as an event held on campus, is considered to be an event of the College and is covered under the General Liability insurance of the College.  Acts or omissions of the governing board of the Foundation are covered by the same liability insurance policies held by the College for the Board of Trustees.  As such, in all of its actions the Foundation agrees that all laws of North Carolina and all policies of Carteret Community College will be complied with fully.


College employees working with external individuals or agencies on fund-raising events should secure authorization from the appropriate Vice President by providing details concerning the nature and dates of the event, the target donors or participants, and the intended use of the funds, if restricted.

Requests should be submitted to the appropriate Vice President through proper channels. The Vice President will ensure that the fund-raising activity is appropriate for the College program, activity or service identified as beneficiary, that any involvement of students, faculty or other employees is in keeping with the College mission and the Administrative Code, and that the fund-raising event or activity does not negatively impact any other fund-raising activities, whether current or planned, by the College or the CCC Foundation.

The CCC Foundation will adopt other procedures as needed to ensure that this policy is followed and encourage ongoing collaborations with external entities whom have an interest in the College.