Exercise Policy

Policy Number
Board of Trustees
Date Approved
Effective Date
Responsible Division
Human Resources

Carteret Community College is committed to the physical well-being of its employees and encourages each employee to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Believing that moderate exercise increases energy and productivity, the College allows all employees, with permission of the direct supervisor, to take up to 30 minutes during the regular work day for the purpose of exercise.

The President shall establish procedures for the implementation of this policy, consistent with North Carolina law and the Administrative Code.

  • This policy conveys a privilege not an entitlement.
  • With permission of the employee’s supervisor, employees may take up to 30 minutes per day away from their desks for the purpose of exercising.
  • This policy is voluntary for the intended purpose and does not confer an equal privilege to any other employees for any other purpose.
  • The 30 minutes is non-cumulative and can be taken in any combination as long as the total time does not exceed 30 minutes in one day.
  • The time an employee takes away from his or her desk should begin and end on campus (i.e. cannot be used to leave early or arrive late.)
  • The intent of the policy is to encourage exercise; therefore, the expectation is that the time would be used for such activities as walking, jogging, or using the Basic Law Enforcement Training gym.
  • This policy is not intended to limit the schedules or work flexibility of salaried employees or employees exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act.