Electronic Signature Policy

Policy Number
Board of Trustees
Date Approved
Effective Date
Responsible Division
Finance and Administrative Services

Carteret Community College (CCC) recognizes an electronic signature as a valid signature from employees and students subject to the Campus Network Username and Password Condition below:

Campus Network Username and Password Condition:

  • Institution provides student or employee with a unique username and password
  • Student or employee is required to change their own password 
  • Student or employee logs into the campus network and secure sites using both the username and the password

Students use electronic signatures to register, check financial aid awards, pay student bills, obtain unofficial transcripts, update contact information, log into campus computers, complete forms, submission of class work, tests, etc.

Employees use electronic signatures for submitting grades, viewing personal payroll data, logging into campus computers, accessing protected data through the administrative computing system and custom web applications provided by the college, etc.

It is the responsibility and obligation of each individual to keep their passwords private so others cannot use their credentials. 

Once logged in, the student or employee is responsible for any information they provide, update, or remove. CCC will take steps to ensure the passwords are protected and kept confidential. Furthermore, users are responsible for logging out of all systems and exercising the necessary precautions when using publicly accessible computers.

This policy is in addition to all applicable federal and state statutes, policies, guidelines, and standards. 

Students who engage in behaviors that disregard this policy including, but not limited to, identity theft, theft of electronic property, providing false information on College documents, or altering College documents are considered in violation of the College policy.