College Smoking Policy

Policy Number
Board of Trustees
Date Approved
Effective Date
Responsible Division
Finance and Administrative Services

The College is responsible for providing a safe, healthy environment in which to learn.  Tobacco and nicotine use has been proven to have harmful effects on both smokers and nonsmokers. Therefore, those who choose to smoke including electronic cigarettes on the Carteret Community College campus are required to do so only in designated smoking areas.  

There shall be no smoking within any building owned or operated by the College, regardless of whether the building is leased to another entity or agency. Smoking outside of buildings will be allowed only in areas specifically designated as a smoking area. Designated smoking areas shall be clearly identified, so non-smokers can avoid these areas if they choose. Any area not specifically designated as a smoking area is a non-smoking area, and anyone smoking in these areas shall be in violation of this policy. Smokers may smoke within their own vehicles while on college property, but not in parking lots outside of their vehicles. No tobacco or electronic cigarette waste is to be deposited anywhere on college property except in receptacles designed for that purpose. Smoking while walking to or from smoking areas or other locations is a violation of policy.

Designated smoking areas shall have adequate receptacles for waste, and patrons are expected to use them judiciously. The College shall have the right to change or eliminate designated smoking areas without notice.


Adherence to the rules of the College Smoking Policy is expected of all students and employees. The College Catalog & Student Handbook will include this policy. Intentional or repeated violation of this policy, by employees or students, may result in disciplinary action. 

Requests to expand, eliminate or change designated smoking areas will be made to the Vice President of Finance & Administrative Services. The Vice President will determine feasibility, including cost, and make a recommendation to the President.