Class Visitation Policy

Policy Number
Board of Trustees
Date Approved
Effective Date
Responsible Division
Corporate and Community Education
1D SBCCC 300.4(a); 1B SBCCC 400.98(a)

As part of the division’s accountability planning, class visitations are conducted to ensure continuing education classes at Carteret Community College are running as scheduled and that instructional time is meeting the college’s standards of quality and excellence. Class visitations also help to ensure that class detail is accurately reported to the state based on student enrollment and facility usage. 

The program director/coordinator is responsible for making periodic visits to classes to ensure the following: 

  1. The class is being conducted as scheduled and planned. 
  2. Instructor and students are engaged in a lesson. 
  3. Instructor appears well organized and prepared. 
  4. Instructor has current class syllabus. 
  5. Instructor has class roster and is taking daily attendance as required. 

Carteret Community College is mandated through the North Carolina State Board of Community College Code to conduct CE class visits to ensure that academic integrity is maintained and that quality training is provided by qualified instructors, is relevant to the workforce, is responsive to training needs of the service area, and follows defined meeting schedules. The Vice President, CCED, will report to the Board of Trustees the findings of the Class Visitation Plan annually. 

Class Visitation 

  1. The instructor’s supervisor, or a designated representative as approved in writing by the Vice President, CCED, will visit on an annual basis: 
    1.  Classes taught by a new adjunct employed less than 12 months. 
    2. Classes taught by an adjunct receiving poor class evaluations. 
    3. Twenty-five percent (25%) of all classes occurring off-campus. 
    4. At least twenty-five percent (25%) of all Internet classes with 24 or more contact hours. Visitation will be conducted electronically, using a system that allows the instructor’s supervisor and the Vice President, CCED, to log-on and monitor activity in the class. 
    5. At least twenty-five percent (25%) of all hybrid classes. Visitation will be conducted either face-to-face or electronically using a system that allows the instructor’s supervisor and the Vice President, CCED, to log-on and monitor activity in the class. 
    6. Self-supporting, life enrichment classes, and classes less than 24 hours are excluded. 
  2. The Vice President, CCED, will make selected unannounced visits to a minimum of ten percent (10%) of off-campus classes annually. The Vice President, CCED, may delegate this visitation requirement. 
  3. Written documentation concerning all class visits will be kept on file, and copies will be forwarded to the Vice President, CCED, for review and for purposes of establishing compliance documentation. Each Continuing Education Director will maintain the official class visitation report for their department. 

Legal Citation: NC State Board of Community College Code: 1D SBCCC 300.4(a) Program Accountability and 1B SBCCC 400.98 (a) Program Review.