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Class attendance plays an important role in student success, and Carteret Community College requires consistent attendance of all students. Absences are counted from the first class meeting regardless of when a student registers for, or enters, the class. Students must attend a minimum of 80 percent of a course including class hours, laboratory periods, and shop sessions. For specific programs or courses, more stringent minimum attendance requirements apply as indicated on the student’s syllabus.


To ensure a positive and successful learning environment, students are expected to arrive on time for class and to stay for the entire scheduled period.

Attendance in online (Internet) courses is recorded much the same way as in a traditional class; the initial log-in and subsequent completion and submission of a syllabus quiz constitutes enrollment in the course, and attendance is determined by submission of completed coursework by assigned dates.  Students failing to complete required coursework as assigned may be dropped by the instructor.  Distance Learning students must log in and complete the syllabus quiz prior to the census date of the class or they will be dropped by the instructor as “never attended.” Students enrolled in hybrid and web-supported courses MUST meet on the published meeting dates and times indicated by the instructor, unless otherwise indicated by a Change of Curriculum Class form.

When a student has exceeded the number of allowed absences the course instructor may submit a drop form withdrawing the student from the course.  Students withdrawn from a course due to a violation of the attendance policy will earn a grade of "UW," which is considered a grade of "F" in calculating the grade point average.

It is the student's responsibility to notify each instructor of the reason for an absence. If a faculty member determines that circumstances warrant leniency on the attendance policy, the faculty member must assign additional work to compensate for the missed class time. A note explaining such accommodations must be attached to the final attendance roster or submitted to the Registrar’s office at the end of the semester.  

Information regarding the number of hours a student must attend in a variety of courses is listed below. Students should consult with their instructor about the actual hours of required attendance for each class.

Total Contact Hours 

Hours Attendance 

Required of Course

(80% Policy)

(90% Policy)
















If class meeting times are missed due to inclement weather, or other unexpected events which disrupt schedules college-wide, the missed coursework must be completed through a make-up plan, as designated by the instructor and submitted to the Registrar for audit purposes.