Adverse Weather Policy

Policy Number
Board of Trustees
Date Approved
Effective Date
Responsible Division
Finance and Administrative Services

In the case of inclement weather and emergencies, the final decision to close the College will rest with the President.

In the event of a weather or emergency related schedule interruption, instruction will either be rescheduled or delivered by using the college’s Learning Management System (LMS) or an alternative method.


Employees and students can contact the College’s main telephone number at 252-222-6000 for the latest information 24 hours a day.  In the event of closing, a recorded message will be prepared giving as much information as possible.  Closing information will also be posted to the College Web page at

An approaching storm system can cause a great deal of confusion and emotional stress for coastal residents as they try to balance work obligations and prepare for the safety of their families and personal possessions.  In the event the approaching storm system requires Carteret Community College to cease operations temporarily, every effort will be made to close the college in a timely manner allowing employees and students time to make personal preparations.

The decision to close the College will rest with the President, and will take into account many factors, in particular, the safety of students and employees.  

If the college is closed due to adverse weather or other emergency, instruction will continue using the college’s learning management system (LMS).  Instructors are required to post alternative assignments in the LMS and notify students of the posted assignments at the next scheduled class meeting.  Instructors will also immediately send alternative assignments as posted in the LMS to the Registrar or designee of the Vice President of Instruction and Student Support for audit purposes.

Exceptions to this procedure include the following:

  1. Basic law enforcement training and cosmetology classroom and lab instruction will be rescheduled.
  2. Health Science clinical hours will be re-scheduled.

If employees have personal situations that require them to depart work prior to the College's official closing, then staff are encouraged to do so by contacting their supervisors and taking vacation or bonus leave as may be required.  Faculty may use sick or bonus leave.  While we have an obligation to our students, this liberal leave policy is an attempt to accommodate the needs of our employees. Likewise, students also may be anxious about the approaching storm, and should be encouraged to take care of personal business if necessary with the understanding we will work with them to make-up assignments.

In the event the College must cancel classes due to weather related circumstances, but remains open for other College business, employees have the option of reporting to work, taking personal leave, or making up the time missed.  While we have an obligation to our students, this liberal leave policy is an attempt to accommodate the needs of our employees.  All missed class time must be addressed with the delivery time and method documented.

Working as a team, we can cover what is necessary and still help our fellow employees and students.  Information regarding closing or cancellation of classes will be passed to employees through their respective departments and divisions where possible.  Employees can then pass along information directly to students if feasible.  Employees and students can also contact the College's main telephone number (252-222-6000) and/or the College Web page (, for the latest information 24 hours a day.  Closing information will also be passed to employees and students via area news media organizations.  The following news media organizations will be contacted if the College must close:

Television Radio


Channel 12 Bern)


89.3/91.5 (New Bern)


 Channel 7 (NBC-



93.3        (Washington)


(CBS-Channel 9 Greenville)


95.1        (Kinston)




101.9      (New Bern)




106.5      (New Bern)




107.3       (Morehead City)

The conditions surrounding a decision as to whether Carteret Community College will operate are not the same conditions surrounding a decision concerning operation of the public school system.